Friday, March 22, 2013

Just How Efficient Is Using Cloud Computing?

A lot of people now use cloud computing with various cloud sites or software. Cloud computing is seen as the new, easy way to transfer work, pictures or videos anywhere with internet connection, rather than the older method of storing documents on hardware such as USB sticks and hard drives. From recent reports and analyses, cloud computing is seen as a lot more efficient however, just how efficient is it?

For one, it’s a lot cheaper for larger cloud computing companies to make efficiency improvements as the cost is ultimately spread across a large server base which means it can afford to have more dedicated workers to then focus on the efficiency improvements. There are usually fixed costs for implementing techniques which are used to improve Power Usage Effectiveness. The costs of having an equipment inventory and assessing data centre airflow which is the same for implementing institutional changes like charging users per kW rather than of per square foot of floor area. Of course, there is also a great advantage of having in-house qualities which are devoted to efficiency, rather than having workers split between various jobs. We are in a world where technology changes extremely quickly which means that it is difficult for those who are not fully focused on efficiency to keep us with the enthusiasts.

Because more and more people are beginning to use cloud software and systems to store their work, it means one thing; diversity. More users in different places means computing loads are spread over the day, allowing for increased equipment utilization. 

Cloud systems also use virtualisation and various other techniques to divide the system or software from the characteristics of physical servers. When using this method, it means that you can redesign the servers and ditch expensive energy costs. Ultimately, this method redefines the concept of reliability from one that is based on the reliability of the delivery of IT services of interest, additionally; this is seen as the much more sensible approach.

Another reason why using cloud software is highly efficient is the fact you can work around organisational issues instead of having to face them personally which can take a lot of time.  Most in-house IT services encounter the problem of a disconnection from IT department which are driving server facilities and purchases departments paying the bill for electricity. This particular problem has been solved simply for the cloud providers.  They generally have one data centre budget and clear responsibilities assigned to one person with decision making authority.

My friend Jake who has written this article currently writes for Syntehsis IT a company that specialises in the maintenance of business and computer hardware and software.

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