Thursday, May 10, 2012

DynamoDB - Data as a Service

In Data as a Service we now have a solution to the cloud database scalability problem and we could be ushering in the era of cloud applications!! 

Within the next few years a Data as a Service (DaaS) capability will become central to Cloud Computing offerings. DynamoDB data service can be configured to scale up to very large transaction rates and database sizes with consistent performance. Amazon competitors will need to have an offering.

The future of cloud applications could be:
1. Define and store data in Data as a Service like DynamoDB.
2. Run the the application in a PaaS like cloud foundry. 
3. Use analytics applications like Hadoop (like Amazon Elastic Map Reduce) for Analytics directly on the Data as a service. 

The could mean:
1. Theoretically infinite scalability of applications 
2. Just paying for the amount of infrastructure you need
3. Radically reduced setup time for applications
4. Reduced number of Operations staff to manage the database....

Currently many applications are build use Object relational mapping through software like Hibernate. Hibernate is developing NoSQL support so these applications could be ported onto Data as a Service platforms. Although I am sure developers will need to make coding changes to be able to use the power of these Data as a Service offerings. 

Will we see packaged products that use Relation Databases (e.g. Content Management Systems) move to NoSQL implementations? Alfresco seems to looking into it. 

When we start to see major packages like e-commerce packages like Magento, Content Management Systems like Alfresco support NoSQL Data as a service like DynamoDB we will know we are on the way to the new era of cloud applications.... 

It is no coincidence that Oracle have announced a NoSQL capability too!!!

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