Friday, August 2, 2013

Maintaining a Safe Cloud Computing Environment

One of the most popular misconceptions about cloud computing is that data on the cloud is not safe and secure.  Although no storage data is 100% safe, regardless of platform being used, cloud computing has proven to be just as effective, if not more, than traditional hosting when it comes to security.  As long as there are people making every attempt to hack into systems to obtain information, there will always be a focus on security, rightfully so.  If you are considering using the cloud to store your data, we provide a handful of tips for maintaining a safe cloud environment.

Use Email Wisely
Email is a fantastic tool to communicate, but it is also a focal point for those looking to hack into systems and obtain sensitive information.  If you need to relay a username and/or password to another person, avoid using email.  Simply call the person and let them know what that information is.  Emailing sensitive information out such as usernames and passwords is a great way to have your information compromised.

Be Clever
You would be surprised just how many people choose “password” as their security password.  Be clever when it comes to accessing your information.  Create passwords that are unique.  Also, when it comes to security questions and answers, think outside of the box.  Don’t answer the question of “what is your favorite color?” with “blue”.  Instead, use another name such as “football”.  An unrelated response can tighten your security measures considerably.

Be Aware
A simple way for someone to steal your information is to simply look over your shoulder.  If you are logging in from a remote location, be aware of what and who is around you.  Avoid any high traffic areas and try to do work with your back against a wall.  This can help reduce the chances of your information being stolen.

Cloud computing is safe and reliable.  However you want to make sure you don’t leave yourself open to having your data stolen and following the tips above will help.  Before you make any computing decision, be sure to do your research and understand the facts, especially when it comes to cloud computing. 

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