Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 5 Cloud Apps for Better Web Development

Web development is a difficult task which requires commitment and strategy to get through the daily operations and emerge successful in the profession. It is a distinct line of work that necessitates individuals to be creative a have a unique perspective unlike other careers. Due to the need to be creative in the development of web content, the developers may encounter various challenges and such include:

1.Having a controlled and environment for working and so that they can exercise their creativity. This is important because it is not easy for people to have a precise determined place where their productivity is at its peak. This therefore means that working from places where they are uncomfortable may lead to slow productivity. On the other hand, there are places that may prove very useful such that there is increase in viable idea generation.

2. Web development also becomes challenging where specific content is required such that arrangement and organization is precise. For example, it can be very difficult at sometimes to orient data to the client's specifications due to user interface problems hence their work is termed substandard.

3. Problems also arise when there is miscommunication and therefore file sharing with relevant teams is broken. This is something that bothers most developers especially when they are on the move (away from a computer) hence delaying sharing of the work. There is also the fact that humans are prone to forget things and especially ideas that only pop up at random times sometimes even in the middle of the night. Instructions also that the client has highlighted, if not noted down appropriately, may be lost and flaw the outcome. In cases where the developers are travelling or are tied up somewhere and need to deliver photo edits urgently, lacking access to a machine may spell disaster. This is because they will only rush things to deliver content that is undesirable to the user and hence lose a prospective client.

On a positive note, these are challenges that can easily be overcome by use of specific applications including

This is a great app for all developer photo needs as it provides all the tools for editing photos directly on a developer's handheld device. It's a free app.

2. Dropbox
When it comes to storage of important files and sharing, there is no better alternative to this app as it offers great providence of space and user options. This is a free app with subscription for storage.

3. Codeanywhere
This is particularly handy app which offers users the privilege of working on codes within their phone's browser and therefore saves time. The small price is a worthy cause for the efficiency it offers.

4. Gridfox
This is an extension app that allows user to link to their Firefox browser and to get better web page renditions and the convenience of aligning according to their preference. There are no charges for this addon.

5. Evernote
Evernote serves as digital book for all the idea collection needs that the developer has. It allows quick putting down of points in the form of text, audio and images making its very reliable as a web developer handy tool. It is a free app with subscriptions for additional features.

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