Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 benefits of Cloud Computing to your Business

Cloud computing services have improved rapidly over the past several years to the point where they offer many clear advantages to businesses. These are just 5 of them:

1) It’s time-saving. Rather than having to manually install computer updates everything is taken care of in the cloud. Because pretty much any device can be connected to the cloud, so if one computer doesn’t work you can move to a different device without having to wait for it to be repaired.

2) You can respond to growth easily. IT constraints have often stopped businesses from growing as rapidly as they otherwise could have. Cloud computing allows businesses to easily upscale their requirements without the huge investments needed by traditional IT solutions. Conversely, if you suddenly find your IT requirements shrinking, you are not left with expensive and under-used equipment – you can simply downgrade your cloud computing package. 

3) You can cut costs. There are many ways that cloud computing can save businesses money. For example, your staff costs will be reduced because you don’t need the same level of in-house technical support that you would if you housed your own IT system. You’ll also save money on the hardware required by non-cloud computing approaches.   

4) You get access to the latest technology. You don’t need to worry about updating the latest software as your service provider will make sure everything is up to date for you. Often, software is very expensive to buy outright – by ‘renting’ the software you can have access to tools that would otherwise be a risk investing in.

5) You have greater security. Many people are worried about the potential security risks of cloud computing, but the fact is your data is probably more at risk if you are in control of it yourself. Many service providers also offer guarantees, just in case anything did go wrong.

This post was written by My cool friend Gary Newton - virtualdesktop expert from the UK.

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