Friday, August 16, 2013

Company Communities – Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air to Corporate Communication

Business organizations these days are constantly striving to build a transparent and pervasive network for all their employees in order to facilitate better corporate communication. Keeping this challenge under consideration, cloud software juggernaut Salesforce recently showcased an ingenious new product called Company Communities that is designed to overcome the one-dimensional, limited nature of corporate intranets.
It aims to bring a much-needed personalized experience by putting a strong emphasis on the mobile and social features of corporate communication models.Salesforce hopes these features will encourage and enthrall employees in their work. Just like smoking Saffire Vapor from your e-cigs is a much healthier option than smoking cigarettes, Company Communities promises to deliver exactly the same kind of efficient functionality for your corporate communication platform.

How Company Communities Is Better Than Your Corporate Intranet
Recent research studies have shown that nearly 80% of employees in major organizations get their own mobile device for work, and 68% of them are actively using it for social purposes in the workforce. Hence, the demand for corporate mobile apps has drastically shot up, since employees feel their work efficiency is maximized with the help of these tools.
Company Communities is aimed particularly at businesses that heavily invest in corporate intranet services, but are held back due to the poor participation levels of their employees. It takes a departure from the mundane and highly formal corporate communication model and engages employees on the social front. This is accomplished with the help of a diverse set of Android, iOS and Windows apps that are tailor-made to give your network of employees the best possible social interaction platform.
Many cloud experts and established Salesforce customers have called Corporate Communities a deeper extension of its popular enterprise-networking platform, known as Chatter.Company Communities does indeed capture the essence of Chatter; however, it takes its service to a whole another level with the help of a nifty set of tools that helps you accomplish the following tasks with great finesse:

·     Efficient Distribution of Content – Your employees can now publish, review, approve and upgrade content they intend to share with certain co-workers according to their organizational roles.

·     Engaging Experts – The provision of a social profile for all employees ensures that anyone can easily interact and seek information from other employees whose field of expertise matches with the content required.

·     Proficient Teamwork – Corporate Communities allows all employees to conveniently access and share content as well as obtain suitable advice on it. It facilitates better collaboration on work projects and helps you assign them to the right experts in your organization.

·     A Rich World of Apps –Salesforce provides access to a strong suit of corporate apps as well as third-party tools that can easily be downloaded by employees to cater to their specific work requirements.

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